Summer Azul on Social Media…

Summer Azul has a fast growing Social Media following with staggering growth over the past year. With her raising fame, Summer keeps her fans (AzulArmy) intrigued and entertained with her daily post. For up to date news on Summer Azul, follow her on Facebook and Instagram 

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Summer Azul wins International Music Awards…

blog4Summer Azul is no stranger to the HipHop game, leaving no questions why she has made a name for herself world wide. Starting off her career over 10 years ago, Summer became known as the Mixtape Queen. Her hugely popular “Hot Like Summer Mixtape Series’ took the underground rap game by storm and shortly started to cross the oceans, making waves in countries like England, France, Basil and Poland.

After being recognized for her talents overseas, Summer Azul was invited to tour throughout the U.K. in 2012. After the success of her promotional tour, Summer decided to move to England and create her cross over album “The Knockout” which was released worldwide in 2013. Since the release, the album has been nominated for several awards in various countries. Many of the songs from her album has been featured on popular TV shows in the USA.

In 2014, Summer Azul was named a top indie artist in the UK. Shortly afterwards, she was nominated and won Best New Female Hiphop Artist in the International Music and Entertainment Awards.

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Summer Azul premiers her first documentary film…


Shortly after graduating film school (Full Sail University) Summer Azul released her first reality-documentary film ‘The Truth About Relationships’. The film focuses on troubled couples and exposes the real issues in relationships.

As a first time film director, Summer spent 2 years traveling the world and documenting the realities of love. Heavily influenced by the new era of reality TV as well as the traditional theme of documentaries, Summer Azul created a new aged reality-docu film that is not only entertaining but is also educational. Viewers get to go on a journey with her as they explore the truth about problems that many couples experience, but they also get to recieve real feedback about how to resolve the issues from a featured relation coach who gives useful commentary throughout the film.

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Summer Azul casted in the new film ‘SCOTT FREE’…

38155676_2050569958296076_8430903527965982720_nSummer Azul is set to co-star alongside Columbus Short in the upcoming film “Scott Free” currently in production. The film is drama filled and action packed with a wild blend of comedic moments throughout. Summer plays the role of ‘Linda’ who is the wife of leading actor Columbus Short (who plays Todd).

Todd, a former drug dealer and street hustler is ready to change his life and marry the love of his life but is intertwined with the fast paced, easy money lifestyle he’s accustomed to. Linda encourages him to live out their dream of being legit and starting a family, but soon finds herself wrapped up in the world she’s desperately trying to get away from.

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Summer Azul wins the Miss Georgia state title…

BQbsSummer Azul has won the 2018 state title in the Miss Georgia State beauty pageant. With her new title, Summer vows to teach young women that brains and beauty are a force to be reckoned with. She believes in motivating the youth and creating opportunities for young people to be involved in positive activities. By becoming Mrs. Georgia, Summer Azul can encourage and enlighten thousands of young girls with a dream.

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Summer Azul graduates top of her class!

14067922_1257712947581785_3036520788321037819_oSummer Azul studied Digital Cinematography and Filmmaking at Full Sail University. She graduated as class Salutatorian with her Applied Bachelors of Science degree in 2016. Summer is a proud Full Sail alumni and honorably represents the school with her professionalism and strong work ethic within the industry.

In addition to her degree, Summer also received several awards including:

The Advanced Achievement Award (A very prestigious award given to only one student in the entire program per graduating year)

Director’s course Awards (Awards given to one student per class, choose by the professor and awarded to the top student for displaying above and beyond the recommended course requirements)

Award for Location and Set Design

Award for Directing

Award for Arts and on Location shooting

Award for Visual Arts and Creativity

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