Summer Azul casted in the new film ‘SCOTT FREE’…

38155676_2050569958296076_8430903527965982720_nSummer Azul is set to co-star alongside Columbus Short in the upcoming film “Scott Free” currently in production. The film is drama filled and action packed with a wild blend of comedic moments throughout. Summer plays the role of ‘Linda’ who is the wife of leading actor Columbus Short (who plays Todd).

Todd, a former drug dealer and street hustler is ready to change his life and marry the love of his life but is intertwined with the fast paced, easy money lifestyle he’s accustomed to. Linda encourages him to live out their dream of being legit and starting a family, but soon finds herself wrapped up in the world she’s desperately trying to get away from.

‘Scott Free’ is set to premiere in theaters the summer of 2019. For more info on Summer Azul’s acting career click the Actress tab in the menu bar.





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