Summer Azul wins International Music Awards…

blog4Summer Azul is no stranger to the HipHop game, leaving no questions why she has made a name for herself world wide. Starting off her career over 10 years ago, Summer became known as the Mixtape Queen. Her hugely popular “Hot Like Summer Mixtape Series’ took the underground rap game by storm and shortly started to cross the oceans, making waves in countries like England, France, Basil and Poland.

After being recognized for her talents overseas, Summer Azul was invited to tour throughout the U.K. in 2012. After the success of her promotional tour, Summer decided to move to England and create her cross over album “The Knockout” which was released worldwide in 2013. Since the release, the album has been nominated for several awards in various countries. Many of the songs from her album has been featured on popular TV shows in the USA.

In 2014, Summer Azul was named a top indie artist in the UK. Shortly afterwards, she was nominated and won Best New Female Hiphop Artist in the International Music and Entertainment Awards.

For a complete list of awards and more info on Summer’s music, click the Music tab in the menu bar.


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