19756715_1603461656340244_4026059451042836189_n.jpgSummer Azul released her first reality-documentary film titled ‘The Truth About Relationships’ in 2017. Since then the movie has been nominated for several awards, including Best Independent Film in the ATL’s hottest entertainment awards.


LOVE, LIES, DRAMA and RESULTS! Follow this drama-filled journey of love, as a girl travels the world, speaking with troubled couples. Go deep inside the real life issues of infidelity, lies and trust issues, as you start to discover the truth about relationships. See full Trailer below.

Directed by Summer Azul, this revolutionary documentary exposes and explains relationships in a new age reality tv style. Answering people’s toughest questions about love, this film is not only entertaining, but it is educational. Prepare to laugh, cry and learn. Currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime 

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