Summer Azul is an award winning international music artist.  As an independent artist, Summer has traveled the world performing and promoting her music. Known for her strong work ethic and her love of performing, Summer gained a worldwide fan base (Azul Army) who strongly support any project that she is a part of. Summer is not only a performing artist and entertainer, but she is also a well known song writer in the music industry. Her many songs can be heard on several popular TV shows airing on networks such as Hulu, Netflix and NBC.

In 2014 Summer Azul was signed to ATORAH Records (London, England) as an top indie artist in the UK. Her talents also landed her a deal on “The Private Plane agency” an arts & entertainment agency powered by Google (America) in which she writes and records for cinema and business purposes.

During her music career, Summer Azul has been nominated for many awards regarding her music and songwriting capabilities. She started off as a Peoples Choice Award recipient in the Ohio Music Awards back in 2014. Since then, Summer has won several music awards worldwide, including Top indie Artist Award in the UK (London, England). Best Female HipHop Artist, Best HipHop Album (“The Knockout”2015) and Best New Female Artist in the International Music and Entertainment Awards. She also won Best Female Hip Hop Artist in the Georgia Music Awards 2016.

Currently, Summer Azul is working on her latest Album titled “The Craft” and will drop a visual release later this year.


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